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Singular Focus on Supplemental Benefit Plans

Fortecy is singularly focused on providing expert guidance and support in the area of supplemental benefits.  As an independent firm, we are not beholden to a specific insurance carrier, bank, fund family, or administration firm.

This results in our ability to develop and manage programs that are catered to the specific needs of your clients. With clients ranging from small privately held businesses up to the Fortune 500™, we understand that each situation is unique and requires the knowledge and flexibility to deliver a customized solution for you and your client.

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Beyond a Single Opportunity

Our most successful advisor relationships extend well beyond a single opportunity or basic education into a true partnership, where we become an extension of the capabilities that you bring to your clients.

Working With Your Valued Clients

Relationships and trust are at the core of a successful client engagement. Earning trust with our advisor partners is paramount in our ability to establish and maintain these successful relationships. This is accomplished not only through demonstrating our expertise in the area of supplemental benefit plans, but also through frequent and thorough communication with our advisor partners. At Fortecy, we believe that more communication is always better. You will never be left wondering.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

In today’s ultra-competitive environment for talent, many companies across the U.S. are thinking about how to develop supplemental benefit plans that can help to attract and retain top talent. While any company is worth having a discussion with, ideal prospects may be companies that:

  • do not not have a non-qualified deferred compensation plan
  • experience chronic 401K testing issues
  • are privately-held and looking to retain key employees without diluting equity
  • have challenging retention issues
  • are overly weighted in equity compensation 
  • do not offer supplemental benefits for higher earners impacted by group plan limits
Why Collaborate with Fortecy?

We have found that oftentimes advisors do not approach the topic of supplemental benefit plans either lack of expertise or lack of trusted resources that can execute on meaningful solutions for their valued clients. 

Many of your clients are likely having conversations about how a supplemental benefit plan strategy can enhance their company’s retention and recruiting. Let’s make sure that they are having this conversation with you.

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