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Executive Benefit Programs Designed To Attract and Secure Top Talent

Much like a powerful magnet, companies with the strongest total rewards strategies oftentimes have the greatest success in attracting employees that are in highest demand. 

Any employer can compete on salary, bonus, and core benefits.  But once that basic offering is matched, does your company have the tools in place to secure and retain top talent?

Is your company’s magnet strong enough to compete?

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We specialize in concierge-level attention, guidance, and education for both the company and its plan participants

Executive Benefits

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Everything we do falls under four categories.

We understand that the world of executive benefit programs is oftentimes very complex, both for plan sponsors and key employees. Our role is to simplify these complexities and be the “go-to” resource for questions, guidance, and expertise. Learn More About the 4 C’s of Fortecy.

Is Your Strategy Strong Enough?

A company’s success often hinges on attracting top-ranked talent. And continued success means retaining such hard-won people. This means companies must differentiate their executive benefit programs in the eyes of their most valuable employees.  

Strategies to attract and retain the best employees include:

  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP)s or Other Retention Strategies
  • Supplemental Insurance Plans (Life, Disability Income, Long-Term Care)
  • Voluntary Benefits

Our team of experts helps you find the right mix to strengthen the impact of your executive benefits strategy.

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